Miami BDSM Club is the ultimate exclusive BDSM experience in Miami. We are a members-only private club, where elegance is paramount and where we've built a group where you can enjoy your depravity in an exclusive luxurious setting with like minded individuals of a similar status.

We choose to cater to the upper echelon of society. Our club is designed similar to private golf clubs, only instead of swinging a golf club, we swing in other ways. And since we actually care about your privacy, we avoid any and all media coverage and instead choose to grow through word of mouth alone. In fact, anonymity is such a cornerstone of our club that we give you the option of having a fully anonymous experience(no names, payments via Bitcoin, contact via anonymous email, and we'll even provide you with transportation to the event).

Our events happen once a month. This gives plenty of time for bruises to heal(always best to "paint" with a fresh canvas) and also gives us time to create a truly unique experience for each of our events. This club is a work of passion for BDSM, and we strive to make each event, the event of the month for you.

A limited number of memberships are currently being offered for the Miami BDSM Club. The initiation fee for singles and couples is $50,000 with annual dues of $25,000 per year. If you would like to be considered for membership, please email us below and you will be contacted by the Membership Director with further details.

We also have a number of free spots each month for enterprising young women looking to be service subs/dommes at our events. If you are into kink, and want to have fun with a more established crowd, our events are for you...and as a bonus we do play matchmaker, so if you catch the eye of one of our members, we'll connect the two of you so you have a chance to meet more in private. As you can imagine, BDSM isn't that common in Miami, so many of our single members are always looking for partners they can be their true selves with.

To join one of our next events as a member or as a service sub/domme, send us an email at